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Do you want to have everything under control? If so, the SERVER variant is right for you. The advantage of this option is that ISPadmin runs on your server and all server operations are in your hands. On the other hand, however, it is necessary to provide all the hardware and to take care of system management, backup and maintenance, which means extra care for the provider.



The CLOUD is designed for anyone who does not want to worry about running the server and wants to concentrate only on their business. With CLOUD we will make sure the server runs smoothly. The ISPadmin system runs on a powerful Blade server in a modern and high-quality datacentre, connected with 10G connectivity and TIER III certified. The power supply is provided by two completely independent power connections and the backup is secured by a total of four diesel generators, which ensures trouble-free operation even during a longer power blackout. Security is provided by a combination of several independent systems.

If you are not sure about the right option, there is one FREE for you.



If you are not completely decided yet, choose the FREE option. With this option you can try ISPadmin without any commitments or needs of your own hardware. You will have 3 months to work with the system and the time is enough to discover all the benefits of ISPadmin. You will have ISPadmin in full power with all modules at your disposal, including the possibility of using technical support. The FREE option runs on our CLOUD server. However, if you decide to switch to a paid version with your own hardware, installing and moving your data will be free of charge!

Three technical support options

Guaranteed response time to:
(working days)
3 days
2 days
24 hours
Basic written and telephone consultation
Possibility to test additional module for free
Service work: 5 hours per month included
Priority troubleshooting
Concurrent operation of your own backup server
Provider´s test server (2 CPU, 8GB RAM, 30GB HDD)
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